5 Popular Stabilizers and Perfume Bases

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Cologne ingredients consist of a range of compounds and compounds. These organic and artificial chemical compounds are important to create the various aromas for the perfume. The major perfume ingredients are split into several categories, including synthetic colognes, essential oils, bases and stabilizers.

Cologne is generated by using a aroma and base compound. The smell compound accounts for 25 to 50% in the perfume and relies upon synthetic fragrances or essential oils. The base of the parfum could account for 35 to 75% of the parfum. This is made up with a liquid solution like waters or alcohol. A cologne might also include a stabilizer agent to support maintain the smell which will help prevent the breakdown of elements.

Below are some of the important fragrance bases and stabilizers:

Ethyl Alcohol

A large proportion of the fragrances available in the market will include a foundation of ethyl alcohol (often known as pure alcohol or ethanol). The base element is known for being able to vaporize speedily. It is reliable at retaining the parfum compound and can very easily dissolve into the skin. Also, it comes with an organic alternate referred to as denatured alcohol.


The Coumarin compound is added onto cologne to help increase the durability and quality of the smell. Coumarin is of course taken from certain beans, sweet grass and cassia bark. it is synthetically produced. This chemical has a gentle sweet aroma that helps with improving the perfume profile of the chemical compounds, in particular those with a musk and spice scent.

Benzyl Benzoate

Benzyl benzoate (also called benzyl alcohol or benzoic acid) the type of stabilizer or fixative in a long list of colognes. It is naturally taken from lots of species of plants. As soon as the Dior perfume compound is included with the colognes ingredient, it helps to boost the quality of stability. Benzyl benzoate is impressive at retaining the scent profile and will ensure that the perfume stays exactly the same for several years.


The phthalates ingredient (often called diethyl phthalate) is the one other of the stabilizers found in parfum. This is a very common element in fragrance and is likely to feature in about 65% of your colognes in the marketplace. It truely does work comparable to benzyl benzoate so it helps to retain the aroma profile on the scent.

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